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June, 2015


I Want That Flight!

A great resource for our Australian friends is I Want That Flight Read on…. How many times have you been surfing the internet for flights, come across a great deal and shouted ‘I want that flight!’ only to click on it and find out it’s already sold out? More times than you’d like to mention we bet. Still, finding and securing the flights that you want at a price that you want isn’t as difficult as you may think. We have a great range of resources available that’ll have youRead More

Page One Engine SEO Review

To get proper Search Engine Optimization, you can spend many many hours of your own time trying to figure it out and rank in the various search engines. In other words bang your head against a wall! Or you could book some gigs on Fiverr or hire some agency to do it for you (costs lots of money!) Or you can invest in Dori Friends Page One Engine. She has multiple years of experience and is considered one of the top SEO marketers out there! The course is jam packedRead More

Hostica Review

HOSTICA is a division of Jatek Computer Systems, Inc., a computer business founded in 1985. Our business roots were in consultative solutions and custom hardware and network installation, with a primary focus in local area networking. Our first foray into Internet Services was as a full service ISP. We provided dial up access, dsl connectivity, web site design services, Domain Registration, ecommerce solutions, VPNs, and business email solutions. As our business developed and the Internet matured, we focused our business plan on selecting those products and services which would allowRead More

What Is Eve Online?

EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online game set 23,000 years in the future. As an elite pilot of one of the four controlling races, you will explore, build, and dominate across a universe of over 7,000 star systems. Sandbox gameplay and advanced skill-based progression provide you with a truly unique experience as you rise to power among the stars. Takes sides in factional warfare. Join an alliance and wage epic battles for sovereignty over star systems. Discover wormholes leading to unknown regions of space. Uncover pirate outposts and lucrativeRead More


CrossOver 14 features support for Apple’s latest operating system release of Mac OS 10.10, more commonly known as “Yosemite,” which was released on 16 October, 2014. CrossOver 14 works “out-of-the-box” with Yosemite, and will give Mac users all the benefits from this much anticipated OS release. CrossOver 14 contains support for many newer Windows applications, a prominent example being Quicken 2015. CrossOver also supports many games, including new support for the very popular Hearthstone (on Linux), as well as other titles such as Cube World, Path of Exile, Warcraft III,Read More

The Lazy Person’s Way To Meditate

Most people, at some point, at least try meditation. In addition to the age-old spiritual benefits, thousands of research studies have demonstrated that meditation increases awareness, well-being, and equanimity… …relieves anxiety, depression and other mental health problems; increases mental clarity; and reduces the stress associated with many medical problems. Meditation, though, can take months to learn, and years—even decades—to master. Many people try to meditate, but quit before they get any significant results. “Too hard,” they say. “Too much work.” But what if there was an easier way? What ifRead More