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November, 2015

OzGameShop as a business has been around for over 10 years now (since 2004) and has quickly established itself as a big player, especially within the computer & gaming community. This is because of a number of reasons which has solidified their status as a great e-retailer who strive to provide a rewarding experience for their customer base. Everyone will no doubt have their own reasons why they would shop at OzGameShop but here are my top reasons! SO. MUCH. STUFF. You only need one look at OzGameShop’s homepage to see that theyRead More

Entertainment Earth

Nitro vs Electric RC Cars

Remote controlled vehicles are some of most fun toys there is out there. No matter if you are an adult or a kid, there is a remote control car to satisfy your fun appetite. Now with so many brands and models available on the market, finding the best RC car for you can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this guide, a one-stop-shop to help you find the best remote control car that fits your needs. Nitro vs Electric RC Cars Should you buy an electric or aRead More

Big Santa Letter

GearBest Electronic Store

When it comes to China-based online shopping sites, those selling gadgets should be the biggest in terms of store quantity. Especially in Shenzhen, where the majority of electronic gadget factories are located, you can find online gadget shops doing international business everywhere and is one of them. Store background Although Gearbest leaves an England-based office address on its official website for contact needs, its major operation centre as well as warehouse facilities should be positioned in Shenzhen. It is, in nature, a Chinese online international store serving global buyers.Read More

The Book Depository

Welcome to Book Depository, the world’s leading specialist online bookstore. They are proud to offer over 12 million titles, all at unbeatable prices with free delivery worldwide to over 100 countries. Whatever your interest or passion, you’ll find something interesting in their bookshop full of delights. They also have some excellently priced books—not always as low as Amazon, but still pretty good. If you live in the States for example and want a foreign edition of a certain book (say Harry Potter), this is an excellent place to go to. HowRead More

Getting Your Christmas Shopping Started Early

Early Christmas shopping saves all that last-minute rushing around. If you have a plan set you can be more effective, save money, and enjoy the Christmas season more. Know who you are buying gifts for. Some people only shop for close family and friends. Other people put together Christmas presents for co-workers, the postal worker, the dog walker, hairdresser, plumber, poker buddies, kid’s teacher, and more. Decide on what you are comfortable with. Set a budget. Christmas presents should figure into your household or personal budget for the entire year,Read More

MineCraft & Apex MineCraft Hosting

Minecraft has become a monumental success since its initial launch in 2009, with versions appearing on just about every gaming platform. There’s a range of Minecraft toys and books available, and there’s even a Minecraft movie in the works, so it doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon. The game is huge with younger gamers, and a big part of the appeal is being able to play online with their friends to carefully craft their own unique world. Or, in some cases, just to torment each other and break stuffRead More

Trading Trainer Review

Retire in 10 years with 10 million dollars using a trading method that makes money even when the stock market is crashing? Everyone would love to do that, so it seems like a really good marketing scheme to push our ‘desire’ button and get us to buy. But, things are not always as they seem. We know people who have found a ton of quick success in the trading game. You probably do too. And, when you look at their success, 10 million really doesn’t seem like it would beRead More