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February, 2016


Vector Magic

Easily Convert Bitmap Images To Clean Vector Art Vector Magic offers a tool for converting bitmap images to vector art (also known as “tracing” and “vectorizing”). For logos and other digital drawings, this is useful if you only have a bitmap available, but need a vector version of it in order to print it, scale it, or edit it. Vector art can be scaled to any size without any pixelation or blurriness. For photos, vectorization is more of a stylistic effect, somewhat like the rotoscoping effect in the recent moviesRead More


Perhaps the best, quickest and easiest way of buying personalised greetings cards! allows you to choose from thousands of card designs and alter them to add the personal touch. You can upload photos and fit them into the design or add your own personal message, for example you can have your message hanging on a colourful banner from Big Ben or your photo hanging, gold framed in an art gallery. The home page is split up into 3 sections. The left hand side is purely for navigation. There is aRead More