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December, 2016


TaxJar What Does It Do

You can’t avoid taxes and that is something Al Capone learned the hard way. Doing your taxes is also quite complicated. Why couldn’t the powers that be make it simpler? Fortunately, TaxJar has made a program that makes sales tax preparation easy. It’s a web application, so there’s no need to install any software. With the TaxJar program, people who file their own tax returns for their business can shorten the time they spend on the task considerably. It’s so useful that even CPAs use it to run their businessRead More

Jeff Johnson Coaching Club

The Jeff Johnson Coaching Club is a new personal training program and by personal, we do mean personal. This is a personal mentoring/coaching program in which you will have direct access to Jeff Johnson himself on a daily basis. He has opened up this coaching program for a select number of students in which he will teach you how to greatly improve your business. This is an unbelievable opportunity in that you will be able to have daily personal coaching from such a successful internet master. However he does state,Read More