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WebSite X5 Evolution 13 Review

Incomedia, a developer of website creation software, has announced the launch of WebSite X5 version 13. This latest version includes parallax scrolling and animation effects as major features of the release. From one-page sites to more complex online stores, WebSite X5 Professional 13 and Evolution 13 brings to the table endless possibilities to create engaging sites with minimum effort (no coding skills or graphic design knowledge is required). “Over 3 billion people are searching online today. This is about 40% of the global population, but only about half of smallRead More

Mondo Motors Ultradrone X31.0

Mondo Motors Ultradrone X31.0 Explorers Camera WiFi This Ultradrone X31.0 Explorers Quadcopter will provide hours of entertainment for adults and children alike. A unique 6 axis stabilisation system gives this drone the ability to hover and go through a full 360 degree rotation. The easy to use, hand held radio control unit allows you to fully control the movements of the drone – Up/down, forward/backward, turn left/right, 360 degree rotation, continuous rolling and control of the GYRO flashlights. It has a controllable distance of about 50 metres, with a frequencyRead More Review is one of the most flexible and value-focused audiobook services we have reviewed within this service. The basis of the service is utterly unique – instead of allowing users to download and purchase audiobooks, or indeed, rent them for a particular length of time, this service simply allows them to stream audiobooks straight to their internet-enabled device. While there are a number of advantages to this approach, it’s not without its faults (considered later) and these should be borne in mind when deciding whether this service is rightRead More

Reebonz Review

Reebonz is an online retailer that buys and sells pre-owned luxury and premium handbags and purses primarily, as well as new items.  Brands that they sell include: Prada, Michael Kors, D&G, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Armani.  They also sell apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry and timepieces. Reebonz offers free international shipping with no taxes or duties which is a great reason to shop with them.  They have a buyback/trade-in guarantee, buying your pre-owned items for cash or credit towards your next purchase. Their customer service is excellent and they are veryRead More

Agoda Hotel Booking Review

One of the most popular hotel booking sites is Agoda, whose forte is offering hotel accommodations around Asia. They also offer hotel accommodations from other destinations as well, if you were wondering. With thousands of hotels from more than 40 countries listed, this is definitely one of the fastest growing online hotel booking websites in the industry. More than that, they also provide a simple, smooth browsing experience that some of the other booking websites lack, as well as a host of other great features that all combine to make this one of the mostRead More

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OSVR HDK 2 Review

OSVR HDK2 BY RAZER IS THE REAL FUTURE OF VIRTUAL REALITY GAMING For a while, deciding to purchase a virtual reality headset came down to 3 simple things. Is your computer able to run it, can you afford to buy it, and will it support the games you want to play? Thanks to the innovative developers at Razer, the latter 2 questions have been taken out of the picture. Open Source Virtual Reality is a new VR ecosystem that aims to provide the best  experience for players and developers of differentRead More

MacKeeper Review

Mackeeper Review MacKeeper is a program that you can download that helps keep your Mac computer operating optimally. It is an easy way to manage the routine tasks and necessary maintenance that all Mac computer users need to ensure that their computer is functioning as it should. Both novices and experts will find that this comprehensive program is an ideal solution that provides comprehensive tools. Novices will find that it is driven by user friendly menus, just like their Mac so learning to use it is not a challenge. ExpertsRead More