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A great resource for our Australian friends is I Want That Flight Read on….

How many times have you been surfing the internet for flights, come across a great deal and shouted ‘I want that flight!’ only to click on it and find out it’s already sold out? More times than you’d like to mention we bet. Still, finding and securing the flights that you want at a price that you want isn’t as difficult as you may think. We have a great range of resources available that’ll have you shouting ‘I want that flight!’ and getting it in no time. Our flight wizard is a great tool for finding flights when you have specific times and dates that you need to work around.

Flight Search

However, if you’re able to be a little bit flexible with your flight dates and times, you could be browsing a whole list of available flights that’ll have you shouting ‘I want that flight, and that flight, and that flight!’ in no time. Another great way to increase your chances of getting the flights you want at the right price is to sign up to email newsletters, updates and alerts. This means you’ll get the best offers delivered straight to your inbox. Not to mention, once our system gets an idea of where you’re looking to travel and what sort of price range you’ve been browsing, you’ll start receiving offers that are more tailored to your needs. Hotel Search

So avoid the disappointment of wanting flights that aren’t even available and start shopping savvy with the great range of tools that are now available online. Cut out the middle man and put the power in your hands. Better yet, once you’ve found the flight that you want you don’t have to wait for business hours to book, you can secure your flight and price by booking right then and there.

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