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Minecraft has become a monumental success since its initial launch in 2009, with versions appearing on just about every gaming platform. There’s a range of Minecraft toys and books available, and there’s even a Minecraft movie in the works, so it doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon.

The game is huge with younger gamers, and a big part of the appeal is being able to play online with their friends to carefully craft their own unique world. Or, in some cases, just to torment each other and break stuff (otherwise known as “griefing”), but we’ll aim to focus on the positive aspects on co-op Minecraft play here!

There are dozens of public Minecraft servers out there, and it can be a great way of finding new people to play with and working on new projects. But as anyone who has been gaming online for a while will tell you, for every decent player you meet online you’ll meet 100 jerks!

One of the ways around this is to set up your own private Minecraft server. This allows you to control access to the game, with only invited players allowed to join your realm. There are numerous benefits to this, particularly for parents looking to let their kids enjoy the game in a more savoury environment.

Setting up a server

You essentially have two options when it comes to running a private server: hosting at home or using a private hosting company.

Hosting it home can be worthwhile if you already own the equipment and have the proper network conditions for online gaming. Unfortunately, the majority of homes don’t have the kind of low-latency internet connection required for a lag-free experience, so running a server from home doesn’t tend to provide the best experience.

There are numerous private Minecraft hosting companies who will provide you with a server optimised for playing the game. This will include a high speed connection, server-grade equipment designed for handling multiple users, and higher spec equipment to make sure the game runs smoothly. Depending on the number of players the pricing runs from around $3 (around £2) a month to nearer $50 (around £35), but the majority of gamers will find a solution in the $3-10 range.


The benefits of private servers

Apart from keeping your game private between you and your friends, what are the other benefits of setting up your own server?

Firstly, you can run the various modpacks that are available, adding a whole new layer of depth to the game. Most server hosting companies will be able to install these for you, with Apex Minecraft Hosting offering a choice of packs when you initially sign up. You can normally switch between different modpacks easily too, so it’s straightforward if you want to mix things up.

You can also collaborate on group projects with little fear of them being destroyed by other players. There have been some pretty incredible builds over the last few years, including a recreation of Middle Earth and a Minecraft City. While you don’t need to set your sights that high, it can be fun to work on a project together and build something cool.

There’s also the preservation of your online game to consider. Local servers are often vulnerable to DDoS attacks and, without proper backups, you can lose your game pretty easily. Dedicated hosting providers normally have DDoS protection in place, with regular backups of the game taken to ensure minimal damage if your server is targeted.

Minecraft is a fantastic experience as a solo game, but the real fun is had when you’re playing with friends. Having your own private server is the ideal way of enjoying the game the way you want in a safe environment. Apex MindCraft Hosting the ideal partner for MineCraft.

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