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ClickFunnels Review

ClickFunnels is a fully featured page builder and marketing software as a service that’s perfect for all types of entrepreneurs and marketers. So if you sell absolutely anything, be it physical products, affiliate marketing products, network marketing products, digital books, physical books, or anything at all, you can use ClickFunnels to “fire” not only your web designer, but the majority of other services that you may be using now for your business.

ClickFunnels isn’t just a landing page builder! ClickFunnels is capable of replacing just about all of your current marketing software. So you can host webinars, build almost any type of sales funnel that you want, interact with your email subscribers, split test sales pages, and even automate webinars using ClickFunnels.
ClickFunnels allows you to setup an affiliate program for your products. So if you’re a digital product vendor or even a physical product vendor, you can attract affiliates and increase your sales by allowing others to promote your products for you.
It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer, blogger, author, publisher, or someone selling physical products, because ClickFunnels has a massive array of landing page options, and sales funnels that will match your business regardless of how you want to interact, and what you want to sell.


ClickFunnels Advantages

  • No Installation Required – One of the coolest things about ClickFunnels is that you never have to install anything. So, if you don’t have a webhost, don’t want one, and if the idea of installing WordPress and keeping it updated just gives you a headache, then ClickFunnels might be the best option for you. So you can start creating breakthrough marketing pages that look awesome, even if you never intend on getting a webhost, ever.

  • Sell Anything To Anyone – It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, you can be selling baked cookies or high ticket information products. ClickFunnels will allow you to build a beautiful landing page complete with an entire sales funnel, and you can also split test your funnel even if you don’t know a lick of code, and even if the word “Graphic Design” causes a panic attack.

  • Beautiful Designs – Have you ever been frustrated that your current landing pages, upsell pages, and one time offer pages look like they were designed with a lousy HTML editor? If that’s the case then you should definitely check out ClickFunnels because not only is there a massive amount of beautiful landing pages to choose from, but they’re also mobile responsive, “done for you”, and only require you to change the headlines, text and bullet points using a simple “what you see is what you get” editor that anyone can master quickly.

ClickFunnels Disadvantages

  • Ongoing Cost – Are you looking for a “sunken cost” marketing solution that you only have to pay for once? If that’s the case, then ClickFunnels might not be your top choice. It’s true that you get a ton of value with ClickFunnels, however you will have to pony up and pay on an ongoing basis in order to continue using them indefinitely.

  • A Tad Expensive – Here’s the deal. ClickFunnels can essentially replace a ton of services that you might already be paying for. Your webhost, your landing page software, your evergreen webinar automation software, your affiliate marketing software and your membership software are all handled via ClickFunnels. That being said, in the event that you’re scrounging for your next buck, ClickFunnels might not be the best solution for you at this time. (You can learn more about the pricing plans later on in this review, which definitely offer value, but if you’re penny pinching, you might want to seek an alternative).

  • Competition – Let’s face it. There are a handful of beautiful landing page solutions that you could easily choose instead of ClickFunnels. So, is ClickFunnels ideal for you, or are you better off elsewhere? Please continue reading to get an honest analysis.

Who Is ClickFunnels Ideal For?

If you sell anything to anyone, then ClickFunnels can benefit you and your business tremendously. So if you’re an affiliate marketer, and offline marketer, any type of entrepreneur, a product vendor, network marketer, or even a coach or consultant, then ClickFunnels can help you design beautiful sales funnels in less time than it would take you to install WordPress.

Additionally, if you’re not tech savvy in the least, then ClickFunnels might be an ideal choice, as everything is hosted for you, and the hosting is included in the membership fee so you’ll never have to pay for lightning fast hosting ever again.

So ask yourself this one question. Do you want to build your list, setup beautiful lead capture pages, one time offer pages, upsell pages, and download pages all without knowing a single lick of code?

Have you ever pulled out your hair because your membership software was so insanely difficult to configure that you chucked your monitor out the window? If any of these cases are true, then take a serious look at ClickFunnels, so you never have to hurl a litany of curses at your marketing software ever again.

ClickFunnels Signup Process


Registering for ClickFunnels couldn’t be easier to be honest. Make no mistake, ClickFunnels is a premium service designed for serious entrepreneurs, however they still make the registration process as simple as “123”.

In fact, it won’t take more than a minute to register, and you can get a free 14-day trial simply by visiting the ClickFunnels homepage and clicking the big call to action inviting you to register for free.

You will require a credit card to register for the service, however it’s 100% free for 14-days, and you won’t be charged during your 14-day trial. In the event that you decide that ClickFunnels isn’t for you, you can simply cancel your membership right inside of the member’s area, so you never have to call or send an email in order to cancel.

ClickFunnels Ease of Use

The first thing to know about using ClickFunnels is that it’s entirely web based. You’ll never need to install any software, and getting started is as easy as logging into the member’s area. All of the pages are hosted for you, so hypothetically, you never need anything else other than ClickFunnels to get your marketing pages up and running.

So ask yourself if you’ve ever been tricked by a marketing software that advertised a simple and sleek intuitive experience, but then you cringed immediately when presented with a slow, ugly interface? That’s something you won’t experience with ClickFunnels, as their interface has a tiny learning curve, and their features are easy to grasp even if you’ve never designed a sales page in your life.

As soon as you access the member’s area, you’ll notice a few instructional videos, and you should definitely watch those first. The videos aren’t long, and are just detailed enough to let you know exactly how to start on the right foot. You’ll also be able to “copy” any of the most popular sales funnels, so you can easily edit those to create your own sales funnel. You can of course create a unique sales funnel from scratch, and you’ll find the “drag and drop” editor to be a simple process to use, and you’ll probably be a master inside of your first few sessions, if not the first 20 minutes.

ClickFunnels Features

  • Funnels For Everyone – It literally doesn’t matter what you’re selling. You can be a brick and mortar business, a dentist, a network marketer, an affiliate marketer, an online instructor, or an author. ClickFunnels will show you what funnel is perfect for your business, and you’ll be up and running with a beautiful marketing campaign in a matter of minutes, so you can spend less time fussing with the technical side of your business, and more time selling your content and being awesome to your customers.

  • Automated Webinars – Did you know that there are automated webinar solutions that cost an arm and a leg on their own? That’s why ClickFunnel’s automated webinar solution is a diamond in the rough. Consider automating your webinars, so you can automate prestige, rapport, authority, and of course make more sales all the while “cloning yourself” so you’ll never have to host a live webinar again. (Unless you want to, of course).

  • Done For You Hosting – Fire your webhost that is probably overcharging you! Every single aspect of your ClickFunnels marketing funnel will be hosted, so you never have to deal with complicated plugins, messy code, cPanel, WordPress, or anything that might cause you to lose sleep and neglect your business.

  • Drag And Drop Design – Can you use your mouse and keyboard? If you answered “Yes”, then you can easily design breakthrough sales pages and beautiful sales funnels that look like they were designed by a million-dollar dream team, even if you flunked “intro to web design” and “copywriting 101 for newbies” back in college.

  • Email Automation – ClickFunnels makes email automation simple. There are a few options. You can actually use ClickFunnels to send emails for you, or you can integrate with almost any email autoresponder service that you want. So no matter how you want to proceed with your email marketing campaigns, ClickFunnels has you covered.

  • Actionetics – Here’s where things get totally out of control. ClickFunnels doesn’t just allow you to interact with your visitors, subscribers and buyers in a static fashion. What does that mean? Well, imagine if you could provide certain sales pages and sales messages based upon how your users interacted. Imagine if you could automate emails, SMS messages, personal greetings, and even direct mail pieces based upon where your customers are in your sales funnel. So maybe you want certain actions to perform when a user buys your content, shows up for a webinar, or even skips out on your webinar. With Actionetics, you’re going to experience a fascinating set of features that are quite frankly impossible to replicate elsewhere unless you’re a master of computer science and an integration guru.

  • Backpack Affiliate Program – Have you ever wanted to attract a massive list of affiliates to promote for you? One of the biggest problems with doing so, is that often times third party affiliate programs cost an arm and a leg to get started, or are otherwise so complicated that you need to hire an army of programmers to get up and running. With ClickFunnels, starting an affiliate program is simple, so you can drive traffic to your offers, all the while expanding your audience to levels that may be impossible to reach otherwise.

  • Tons Of Training – ClickFunnels is stuffed to the brim with training. Whether you want to attend the weekly Q&A webinars, or snag the 21-day funnel training program that you get as soon as you register to ClickFunnels, you’ll have plenty of training so you’ll be an expert level marketer in no time. So you won’t have to beg any of the marketing gurus of the world for insight or worse yet spend a fortune on sales funnel training.

  • Done For You Funnels – Maybe you want to log into ClickFunnels and have a sales funnel up and running in the next 10 minutes? If that’s the case, you’ll be excited to learn that there are several “done for you” sales funnels waiting for you right inside of the member’s area. So if you’re an affiliate marketer, author, webinar marketer, author, or product vendor, then you can easily tap into a funnel that’s going to look beautiful and convert regardless of who you are or what you’re selling.

  • Split Testing – Face it, the cost of PPC traffic isn’t going to decrease anytime soon. For that reason, you should constantly be split testing your sales pages and funnels so you can increase your earnings per click, and the overall value of your website visitor. With ClickFunnels, you’ll never have to bend over backwards split testing, because the feature is simple to configure, and even easier to rollout without any complicated scripting or coding; everything is literally “point and click” easy to setup.

ClickFunnels Integration’s

  • GetResponse – Maybe you’ve come to rely on GetResponse’s awesome email marketing service, and you have no intention of switching, ever? If that’s the case, proceed with the utmost confidence, because you can easily integrate your email marketing automation via ClickFunnels with almost any email marketing service provider, and GetResponse is at the top of their list.

  • Active Campaign – Or maybe you’ve come to love Active Campaign’s insane amount of automation? If that’s the case, you can easily integrate the power of ClickFunnel’s breakthrough sales funnel strategy with ActiveCampaign, so you can have the best of both worlds and build rapport with your subscribers that will last a lifetime, and ultimately allow you to sell more of your stuff.

  • AWeber – AWeber is arguably the most trusted email autoresponder on the planet. For that reason, you might never want to leave their trustworthy and notable service. If that’s true for your business, then you can easily integrate AWeber with ClickFunnels, allowing you to add buyers to your list, automate followups, and expand your following when combining AWeber with ClickFunnels.

  • GoToWebinar – GoToWebinar is arguably the best webinar marketing platform on the planet, period; and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. However, there’s one thing that GoToWebinar is missing badly, and that’s customization. So ask yourself this one question. How would it feel if you could make beautiful webinar registration pages, and even “one time offer” webinar marketing funnels immediately after your visitors register to your GoToWebinar webinar? Would it be harder for you to break even on paid traffic if you could have an immediate webinar upsell, or harder to break even?

  • Webinar Jam – If you’re not using GoToWebinar for your webinar presentations, there’s a good chance that you’re using Webinar Jam instead. ClickFunnels also makes integration with Webinar Jam simple, so you can build advanced webinar funnels that will skyrocket your marketability, and make the value of each webinar registrant skyrocket to the stars and beyond.

  • Salesforce – Do you sell products using Salesforce? Well you’re honestly missing the boat if you don’t integrate some type of one time offer or upsell immediately after your prospects buy. With ClickFunnels, you’ll turn your products into a massive marketing powerhouse, so you can increase your earnings per click, sell more products, and even offer one time upsells.

  • Stripe – Did you know that the customers of ClickFunnels have already generated over 63 million dollars in sales just with Stripe alone? You probably realize that Stripe is one of the coolest ways to process payments these days, but the traditional lack of sales funnels and automation has limited your options. That’s why ClickFunnels makes Stripe integration simple, so you can sell more product, and ultimately give your buyers more options.

  • Shipstation – Who says that sales funnels are only for digital products and online marketers? In the event that you sell physical products with Shipstation, you can easily ingrate with ClickFunnels, so you can sell more products, increase your earnings per click, and ultimately afford more traffic so you can grow your business faster and faster.

  • JVZoo – Do you sell products on JVZoo? If that’s the case, consider turning your humdrum marketing funnels into a raging river of conversion by integrating with ClickFunnels. So you can use JVZoo’s popular affiliate marketplace, attract more affiliates, and have better looking marketing pages and sales funnels than your competitors.

  • ClickBank – ClickBank is still one of the most popular methods to sell digital products on the planet. For that reason, you might love to integrate the ClickBank platform with ClickFunnels, so you can tap into arguably the largest affiliate marketplace on the planet with a beautiful sales funnel that you can split test and design with ClickFunnels in a matter of minutes.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels has two plans. The first plan is $97 per month, and the second plan is $297 per month.

ClickFunnels pricing is based upon the number of funnels you want to have, the total number of pages, the number of visitors, and the number of custom domains that you want to use.

The $97 per month plan is stuffed with features, and allows you to have 20 funnels, 100 pages, 20,000 visitors, unlimited contacts, and 3 custom domains.

The $297 per month plan grants unlimited funnels, pages, visitors, contacts, and custom domains.

There are obviously other perks to the $297 per month plan. The $297 per month plan grants access to more advanced features such as the ability to send email broadcasts, the Actionetics feature, and the ability to setup an affiliate program.

So, you might be asking yourself which plan is best for you. Consider this advice. For $97 per month, you can setup beautiful sales funnels so you can sell almost any product you want, automated webinar funnels, and get up to 20,000 unique website visitors.

To be honest, 20,000 unique website visitors is probably ample for most small businesses. If you need more than 20,000 website visitors, in all probably you’ll be able to afford the next tier plan which is the $297 plan.

So, if you require more than 20,000 unique website visitors, or want to use the ClickFunnels Actionetics program, or the “backpack affiliate marketing” system, then you should consider the $297 per month plan.

ClickFunnels Support

Make no mistake, ClickFunnels is very easy and intuitive to use, but there are so many moving parts that you might be quickly overwhelmed, even if you’ve been coding websites by hand since 1999. For that reason, you’ll be relieved to learn that ClickFunnels offers a massive list of tutorials, instructional content, a FAQ section, in addition to a weekly Q&A webinar that will help you get real time help in the event that you have any questions.

At the end of the day, you’ll probably find ClickFunnels to be intuitive enough to get started on your own, though maybe some of the advanced features will leave you a little confused. If that’s the case, definitely hop on one of the member’s only webinars, so you can fire away any questions you have, or simply sit back and watch a few tutorials so you can better harness the beautiful tool that is ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels also offers training videos that should help you get started the moment you register, one of the videos is entitled “How To Master ClickFunnels In Less Than 10 Minutes”, which should provide solace if you’re a little excited and overwhelmed with their beautiful (yet sometimes complex) features.

Each funnel section itself also has a quick tutorial that will walk you through the instructions, and if all of these support functions aren’t enough, you can still contact the ClickFunnels support whenever you have a question via their live chat feature, and one of their dedicated support staff shall get back to you in short order. (The official ClickFunnels staff are around from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST Monday through Friday, and 10:00 am to 6:00 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday. ClickFunnels also has support agents working even during the off hours, so no matter what time it is you can get help via live chat).

Finally, there’s the “Ignite Your Funnels” training program, which is a bonus 21-day training program that will teach you the strategic and tactical methods used to create breakthrough sales funnels, even if you have no idea where to start. The 21-day training program is complete with video tutorials and homework assignments, so you’ll know exactly how to create a sales funnel that’s awesome using methods that are proven to sell more products.

ClickFunnels Reputation

ClickFunnels is a service by Russell Brunson, who is a renowned marketing and sales funnel expert. That’s one variable that puts ClickFunnels in a league by itself; because it’s a service designed by a marketer with boatloads of direct response copywriting, and sales funnel experience.

If you’ve never heard of Russell Brunson, he’s the author of Growing dotcombooksecrets, which is a hugely popular marketing book with hundreds of positive reviews.

Russell also owns, which is a website that goes deep into the art and science of profitable sales funnel generation.

The point of mentioning this, is because maybe you’ve secretly wondered if other sales funnel software out there is designed by people who aren’t necessarily marketing experts.

That’s the bottom line with regard to the reputation of ClickFunnels. It’s a service that’s designed by hardcore marketers, who know sales funnel conversion in and out. Russel takes his own medicine and designs his own marketing funnels using ClickFunnels, which says a ton since many other “experts” create and launch marketing solutions, then fascinatingly enough don’t even use their own software or service.

ClickFunnels Conclusion

If you’ve ever been frustrated because you have awesome products, services and offers to promote, but your landing pages are absolutely dismal, then ClickFunnels might be the single best option for your business.

So you can create beautiful landing pages alongside magnificently designed funnels. All the while automating webinars, automating emails, and even dispatching physical mailing pieces to your customers.

Best of all, you can split test absolutely everything. So you never have to rely on your own taste to see which funnel converts the best. Always remember that it’s your end users who determine which marketing page wins, not your opinion; sales are sanity, all else is vanity.

These types of features quite frankly are hard to come by with other marketing page builders, and if you’re in the business of selling anything to anyone, and want to look great doing it, then ClickFunnels is absolutely worthy of your consideration.

You can try ClickFunnels for absolutely zero cost for 14-days, which should make it one of your top choices, and you never risk a single penny when you register, so you have nothing to lose, but all the marketing power in the world to gain.

I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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