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Unstoppable domains is the answer to all the problems that often arise while sending or receiving cryptocurrencies, which is to verify that we have entered the correct crypto address. This usually happens because the crypto address is a complex string of numbers and letters. Hence, buy domain names on Unstoppable Domains and aid yourself by helping yourself with adopting crypto with their blockchain domains. This guide will let you know everything about domain names and unstoppable domains.


Unstoppable Domains is an entirely new product that streamlines the crypto transaction process.

The opportunity of one-time purchase gives the users access to the website domain.

It replaces the complicated public keys with a simplified domain for transactions.

It comes with competitive pricing starting with only $20 along with no renewal fees.

The users can buy domain names on Unstoppable Domains. It can be done by following few simple steps, which are further mentioned in this guide.

Lastly, talking about the safety of the domains, they are incredibly safe as once purchased, the ownership and control remain with the purchaser.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an identification string defining an area of administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the internet. Moreover, it identifies internet resources like computers, networks, and services with a text-based label which is easier to memorize than the numerical addresses.

What is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable domain was founded back in 2018 in San Francisco. It is a well-known blockchain domain company. Further, the unstoppable domain’s team consists of 48 employees who aim to help drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies with their blockchain domains. These domains can be used as fully functional web pages. Additionally, the platform also has a payment hub address. Visit Unstoppable Domains

Blockchain Domains
Blockchain Domains

Features of Unstoppable Domains

  1. Unstoppable domains is a one-time purchase that requires no annual renewal.
  2. Once the domain name is purchased, it can only be controlled and owned by its purchaser. 
  3. Unlike a traditional domain, unstoppable domains can be used as a payment router. It create websites with dApps built-in. 
  4. Setting up a domain for each cryptocurrency makes it easier for you and the other person to send and receive funds. 
Unstoppable Domain
Unstoppable Domain

What do you pay for Unstoppable Domains?

The cost of Unstoppable domains depends on two factors:

  1. First, the cost of the domain ranges from $20 to $1000, depending on the domain you are choosing. Also, its price is based on the type of domain along with its length. Therefore, the shorter the domain, the higher is the cost.
  2. Second, the cost of the domain depends on the gas fee you have to pay while using the Ethereum blockchain to claim your domain. 

How to search for a domain?

You can search for a domain by using the search function present on the homepage of unstoppable domains. The below-mentioned domain types may be encountered by you.

  • Available: These domains display prices just next to them and are available to purchase. 
  • Taken: These are the domains that have already been registered. 
  • Unavailable: A domain is showing as unavailable means that it may get released as either a Premium domain or Protected domain upon manual review.

How to buy a domain name on Unstoppable Domains?

You can buy an unstoppable domain using the Bitcoin wallet by the following steps:

  1. Select the Discover icon from the home screen.
  2. Now, scroll down to the Services section.
  3. Select Unstoppable Domains and then click on “Launch Services.”
  4. Next, type and enter the domain name you would wish to purchase—for instance, Teddy crypto. If the domain is available, its price will be listed.
  5. Last, create an account and complete your payment.

Visit Unstoppable Domains

Buying domain name on Unstoppable Domains
Buying domain name on Unstoppable Domains

How to claim your Unstoppable Domain?

Purchasing a domain name from Unstoppable Domains means buying a cryptocurrency on a centralized crypto exchange. For instance, you might have a claim over the cryptocurrency but have no custody of it. Therefore, to take possession of your domain, transfer the domain to an address to which you hold the key. An Unstoppable Domain is an NFT ( Non-Fungible Token); it is supposed to be transferred to its respective wallet. Follow the below steps to claim your Unstoppable Domain:

  1. Click on the menu at the top left corner on Unstoppable Domains.
  2. Now, select My Domains.
  3. While scrolling down, you should see all of the purchased domains along with the option to “CLAIM WITH ETH” OR “BUY CLAIM CREDIT.”
  4. On the one hand, for “CLAIM WITH ETH,” you will have to pay the gas fees to claim NFT. On the other hand, for “BUY CLAIM CREDIT,” you will have to pay $40 to Unstoppable Domains, who will further manage the gas fees for the transaction on your behalf.
  5. Next, confirm your identity by verifying the OTP sent to you via email by Unstoppable Domains.
  6. Now, select a wallet for claiming, and then you will initiate a transaction to send your NFT to your address. Once the transaction is done, you will successfully claim your domain.

Get an Unstoppable Domain Now!

Is Unstoppable Domains safe?

Unstoppable Domains is exceptionally safe because the domains exist under your address on the blockchain once claimed, which means that they are as secure as the blockchain itself.

The domain cannot be blocked by anyone other than you is looked after by the platform. Moreover, your website is never at risk of being down due to censorship. The site for purchasing the domains is safe. Two-factor authentication is also available.

Unstoppable Domains: Pros and Cons

Unstoppable domains allow your one-time purchase of domain names without any annual renewal.You have to send ETH to claim a domain.

It offers a simplified way to exchange cryptocurrencies.
Some of the domains are still only on pre-sale.
However, it has far more functionalities than the traditional domains.
The platform supports 276 crypto assets.

Unstoppable Domains: Conclusion

Unstoppable Domains is a company that provides domain names based on blockchain technology. The company offers an alternative to the DNS system by allowing the users to buy and own NFT domains at one price for always. Moreover, unstoppable domains simplify crypto payments across 50+ wallets and exchanges. It also prioritizes ownership of one’s digital identity. Visit Unstoppable Domains

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my domain?

Yes, you can store your domain in your cryptocurrency wallets and can also transfer them. But, only after you claim the name on the blockchain with your wallet.

Do unstoppable Domains provide you with a wallet?

Yes, Unstoppable Domains provides you with a wallet but only for holding your blockchain domains. To send or receive cryptocurrency using your domain, you will have to use wallets integrated with their software. Moreover, you can also use your self-custody wallet to hold domains. 

How do payments work with my blockchain domain?

To make payments work with your blockchain domains, follow the below steps:
1. First, add your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zilliqa address to your .zil or .crypto domain inside the “My Domains” section at Unstoppable Domains.
2. When someone types yourname.zil into a supporting wallet, the wallet looks up that domain on the blockchain and finds the appropriate address. After that, it sends to the address associated with that name.

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