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MacKeeper Review

Mackeeper Review

MacKeeper is a program that you can download that helps keep your Mac computer operating optimally. It is an easy way to manage the routine tasks and necessary maintenance that all Mac computer users need to ensure that their computer is functioning as it should. Both novices and experts will find that this comprehensive program is an ideal solution that provides comprehensive tools. Novices will find that it is driven by user friendly menus, just like their Mac so learning to use it is not a challenge. Experts will appreciate that they can easily select the tools that they want and will find that this software is flexible and preferences are easily set.

What MacKeeper Does For Your Mac Computer

MacKeeper is a program that features a variety of clean-up utilities to keep your hardware and software running fast and performing the way it was designed. Today, computer programs, internet protocols, malware, spyware, and viruses slow down computers making them operate at a less than desirable level. What this tool does, is clean up space on your hard drive quickly and efficiently through a host of built in tools. In addition, MacKeeper runs in the background to ensure that your computer is always secure and keeps it running smooth and fast. The software itself is a blend of the most sought after system utilities that are needed today. These include:

  • Internet Security: MacKeeper keeps your Mac secure from malicious attacks while you are connected to the internet either at home, at the office or while using an unsecured network at a coffee shop or library. The Real-Time Safe Browsing feature ensures that you can surf the web from wherever, whenever safely without worrying about cyber-attacks and malicious websites looking to steal your identity. These websites are blocked automatically and your information is always protected, while the safe browsing feature protects you against credit card fraud, identity theft, phishing scams, email spoofing, and much more. In addition, this software produced by Zeobit comes with a special antivirus program designed specifically for MAC OS operating systems.
  • Anti-Theft Protection
  •  Everyone’s fear in today’s technology dependent world is that our computer or laptop will get stolen. In the event that it is taken from you, and you have MacKeeper installed on your computer, your worries are over since this software can track the location of your computer quickly by using your Mac’s geographical position based on network details and Wi-Fi location. It will even send you a photo of the thief through its iSight snapshot program.

  • Data Encryptor: The Data Encryptor is there to help you hide your private files. With this function you can easily set passwords and set protocols to ensure that the files that you choose to keep private remain that way even when searched for using Terminal or Finder on your Mac.
  • Backup: The Backup tool is ideal for individuals that are busy and need to protect their files. You can easily and quickly schedule the files that you want to back up automatically and choose where you want them to be secured. With MacKeeper you can use a USB Flash drive, FTP, an external hard drive or ZeoDisk, whatever you prefer.
  • File Recovery: The Files Recovery tool is yet another superb function which helps you to recover files that you have either on purpose or accidentally deleted. This tool scans your hard drive and allows you to preview and recover the files you desire.
  • Shredder: MacKeeper offers the Shredder tool that deletes and destroys any files you wish to delete – forever. It shreds and deletes files and folders ensuring that there is no chance to recover the files.
  • Disk Usage: The Disk Usage tool is designed to help you visualize the folders and files that are on your computer. It scans your hard drive routinely and marks the various folders depending on size with a color-coded key.
  • Duplicate Finder: Now, with MacKeeper, you can easily and quickly remove duplicate files that are taking up valuable space on your hard drive with the Duplicate Finder tool.
  • Fast Cleanup: The Fast Cleanup tool finds and removes all the junk and crap that can bog down the performance of your Mac computer. It is home to the binaries cutter, the cache cleaner, the logs cleaner and the languages cutter. Your computer will run much more quickly and efficiently after using this dynamic and smart tool.
  • Smart Uninstaller: MacKeeper’s Smart Uninstaller allows you to quickly remove unwanted applications, widgets and plugins leaving no trace junk behind that can adversely affect the performance of your computer.
  • Files Finder: This tool enables users of all skill levels the ability to quickly locate and open files on your Mac’s hard drive. You can select by file type or name and with just a few clicks of your mouse button find the files you have been looking for.
  • Update Tracker: With the Update Tracker tool you to quickly and easily check to ensure that you are running the latest versions on the software that is loaded on your computer. This includes the latest versions of all Apps that you are using and the program checks regularly, as you desire, for any updates that are available that will help your Mac run faster, and more securely.
  • Login Items: Mac computers can be difficult to customize; with the Login Items tool, you can easily select which items and programs that you want to automatically load at startup. This can significantly increase productivity as you no longer have to wait for all of the auxiliary programs you do not use to load before you get to work.
  • Default Apps: With this tool, you can easily choose what application or program that you want to open a particular file. You have the ability to define which programs open the file types you specify with just a few clicks on your mouse.
  • Geek On Demand: Unlike other optimization utility programs, this leading software offers expert technical assistance through Geek on Demand. You are guaranteed to receive an answer to your problem within 48 hours. No longer do you have to haul your computer in to one of the Apple retail stores and stand in line; MacKeeper provides the technical support that you need. It helps you navigate through challenges with the Mac OS operating systems, with your Mac peripherals and software, and even assists with challenges or technical difficulties that may arise with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iPod Touch. This comprehensive tool allows technical experts to configure your Mac computer via remote access and expert technical professionals are standing by on the phone to help you with any problems. Geek on Demand will also give you buying tips and advice that is backed up through research and their vast technical experience with Mac operating systems and other Apple products.

  • You have invested in a top quality computer by purchasing a Mac; now it is time to ensure that it continues to operate at the highest levels by using the outstanding tools provided through MacKeeper. Zeobit, the developers of this extraordinary utilities program, is known for their high-quality and effective programs. The MacKeeper keeps up with their tradition and is packaged in a cost-effective manner so that everyone that owns a Mac computer or other Apple product including an iPhone, iPod, or iPad can get the technical expertise they need to keep their electronics running optimally.

    A one year license for a single Mac computer runs about $95.40; however, you can upgrade MacKeeper license to two years for just $118.80.

    Zeobit, the developers of this swiss army knife like program are so sure that its customers will love the service, that they offer a 15-day fully-functional trial version to get customers to try out the technical service and any or all of the tools that are included in MacKeeper.

    Most users find that it is extremely easy to use and user friendly. Functions and tasks can easily be customized to make sure that each computer is optimized, cleaned and secured in the ways that you desire. The MacKeeper report is an outstanding feature that allows you to quickly view the status of your computer. It easily identifies junk files, security and performance with gauges reminiscent of a fine race car. Your Mac computer’s system is constantly monitored and you can quickly identify areas that are of critical performance and need attention as well as the areas of the computer you can rest assured are safe and performing as designed.

    Without a doubt MacKeeper is one of the best options when considering a utility tool and expert technical support, all rolled into one affordable package. The pricing for licenses is less than that of their competitors and provides additional benefits that simply cannot be overlooked. From the first use, you will appreciate the importance that MacKeeper has put on customer support and the effort that they have put into making a comprehensive toolkit for your Mac.

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