Main Menu Review is one of the most flexible and value-focused audiobook services we have reviewed within this service. The basis of the service is utterly unique – instead of allowing users to download and purchase audiobooks, or indeed, rent them for a particular length of time, this service simply allows them to stream audiobooks straight to their internet-enabled device.

While there are a number of advantages to this approach, it’s not without its faults (considered later) and these should be borne in mind when deciding whether this service is right for you. If so, we’re sure you’ll find this service to be a great addition to your digital life – especially given that the monthly subscription fee is fantastic overall value when compared to other services in this category.

As noted above, is a service based on streaming audio products directly to internet enabled devices (be it mobile phones, smart phones, music players (such as new generate iPods), notebooks, tablets or indeed anything else of this ilk). As opposed to other services, there are no lengthy software downloads and no waiting for products to be downloaded (or indeed, delivered if you’re using a rental service). users can simply log on to the service, select the book they’re interested in listening to and stream it directly to their device. No fuss, no worries, just instant access listening pleasure!

While there are a lot of positive elements to, we did come across a few problems that we felt would let the service down in the eyes of some of our readers. Firstly, is only really useful if you have internet-enabled devices and doesn’t work at all with other generation iPods or media players that cannot connect directly to the internet. While users can of course use the service on their laptop, it does rather restrict the use of the service if it can’t be picked up on any one of the users’ various digital products.

Secondly, the service isn’t ideal for those who primarily use audiobook services to make travelling or commuting to work a little more enjoyable – as most vehicles, trains or underground trains don’t have reliable internet connections (if at all!) users would find using the service pretty frustrating at best and near impossible in many cases. While the growth of cloud internet services means that users are more and more able to hook up to a free wifi service while on the go, this remains a significant restriction for most commuters and is certainly worth bearing in mind if you wish to use the service for this purpose. is a truly unique service that offers users unlimited, instant access to a wealth of audiobooks and other digital products without having to worry about lengthy downloads, storage or delivery problems. Whilst it’s not without issues, those users who aren’t concerned by the internet connection problem identified above will likely find it to be an excellent alternative to traditional audiobook download services.

What’s more, at just $14.95 a month for unlimited listening, it’s definitely worth a look!

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