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Bandmerch 728 x 90

The EMP Heavy Metal Merchandise shop has provided heavy metal, hard rock, hardcore, punk and rock & alternative street wear and products since 1986!

With EMP you have the chance to be different and stand out from the crowd! 24 hours, 7 days a week, it is possible for men and women to order everything a metal head could wish for, with no minimum order value! As a Heavy Metal Shop should, we order the hottest and latest clothes, e.g. high quality, official Rammstein shirts, the latest albums from Metallica, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Bring Me The Horizon, and more. There are the hottest brands like Element, Cupcake Cult, Famous, Converse,Brandit, Atticus and many more. Also, for collectors of good old vinyl we have a lot to offer, the Heavy Metal Online Store offers you 1,500 discs in the records area.

We also have a great selection of bikinis, leather jackets and coats, designer hoodies and jewellery. Your Heavy Metal Shop ensures that you are always well dressed! We also ensure you always have the most current range available as well as daily special and EMP exclusive products, such as the album Deceiver of the Gods by Amon Amarth exclusive and limited editions only at EMP!

Bandmerch 728 x 90

We also have a huge gothic clothing range for you to explore. Whether gothic coats and leather jackets, jewellery, boots or cybergoth clothes, with us you get the full range. Fashion-conscious Metal heads can also buy high quality, cool accessories with your Heavy Metal Shop, such as Alchemy jewellery, sunglasses from Level One and many more items.

The EMP Heavy Metal Online Store also offers a large selection of posters, calendars and fun stuff. Furthermore, film and TV fans also may find what they are after at EMP too! There is a huge selection of cult movies / TV shows as well as the latest book titles and comics. And for the gamers among you, EMP offers you exclusive merchandise: Nintendo, Atari , Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Minecraft shirts, hoodies and much more.

You can order all of these products and brands with low postage costs and without any risk as we offer you a 100% return policy when ordering from the EMP Heavy Metal Shop.

Bandmerch 728 x 90

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