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Nitro vs Electric RC Cars

Remote controlled vehicles are some of most fun toys there is out there. No matter if you are an adult or a kid, there is a remote control car to satisfy your fun appetite.

Now with so many brands and models available on the market, finding the best RC car for you can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this guide, a one-stop-shop to help you find the best remote control car that fits your needs.


Nitro vs Electric RC Cars

Should you buy an electric or a nitro gas RC vehicle? (Applies to cars, trucks, and buggy).

The difference between nitro and electric RC vehicles is primarily on the powertrain system. Most of the other components are the same.

In the nitro system, you have an engine carburetor and a fuel tank which requires special nitro gas fuel that you can buy at your local RC hobby shop or online.

Electric RC vehicles have an electric motor either brushed or brushless and an electronic speed control which is used to control the motor. Brushless motors electronic speed controls are more expensive than their counterpart (brushed motors) but they are faster and more efficient which allows you to get longer battery life, require less maintenance as there are no brushes to replace and they are usually sealed to avoid dirt and debris getting into the motor.

Nitro Powered RC Cars Pros and Cons


  • Some hobbyists like the smoke and gas associated with nitro gas engines. It provides them with a more realistic experience when driving and racing their vehicle
  • You can run as long as you want by simply adding fuel to the fuel tank
  • Provides you with more opportunities to develop mechanical skills
  • Very precise handling, refined drifting in corners
  • Quality suspension which enables off-road stunts


  • Nitro engines take more work in terms of starting, tuning and maintaining them
  • Not recommended for kids under 13
  • Nitro engine noise may disturb your neighbors or be prohibited in certain RC racetracks due to noise restrictions
  • Higher operating cost due to constantly buying fuel which can be around £10 per litre depending on where you live
  • Reverse gear generally absent except in some higher end model
  • You can’t use indoor
  • RC fuel can be difficult to purchase in your area if you live far away from RC hobby shop (though available online)


Electric Powered RC Cars Pros and Cons


  • They are quiet and should not disturb your neighbors. They can also be used indoor and at all RC racetracks ‘
  • They are very easy to use and to maintain. You just have to connect the battery and turn it on.
  • The reverse gear is standard in all electric vehicle
  • Typically faster than nitro RC car when equipped with a LiPo battery on a brushless motor
  • Runtime and play time is limited to your battery life


  • Prone to water damages. Shouldn’t be driven in wet condition unless specifically identified waterproof
  • Limited battery life. Consider having extra batteries and/or a fast battery charger.

There are a few things you need to settle before you ahead and buy your remote control car.

Vehicle Type

rc car vs rc buggyAlthough this article title suggests that this guide is for RC cars only, you will be missing on the real fun if we don’t include other types RC buggies. Essentially RC buggies give you the speed of RC cars with the off-road capabilities of RC trucks. They are all terrain vehicles whether is road, mud, dirt, you can throw at them.

So your choice really depends on how and where you intend to play.

Vehicle Size/Scale

The size of an RC vehicle is measured counting from the front lip of the vehicle to the rear tip of the vehicle.Although we think the best RC car size is more or less around the 1:10 scale.


Whether you are a racing enthusiast or not, buying from the best RC car brands means you have room for customization and upgrades. The top manufacturers will provide high-quality parts as well as good customer support service. We highly recommend Nitrotek.


Price is a great factor when it comes to buying anything but you can be sure that you can find a fun and reliable at just about any price range. Although the more expensive models are technologically advanced, this guide is more about getting a bang for your buck, whether cheap or expensive.

You should also consider the operating cost of your RC cars. If you choose a Nitro powered RC car, you always need to buy nitro fuel and if you choose an Electric RC car, you may need to buy an extra battery pack or a battery charger if you wanted extended play time.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you found this remote control car buying guide useful. Deciding on the best RC car is not straightforward but with a budget in mind, weighing the pros against the cons of the top rated RC cars in this you can be confident of your choice. Nitrotek are one of the most respected online suppliers.

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