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Shape5 Review

Shape5 is a Joomla template and WordPress theme provider with an equally strong record in high quality Joomla extensions. They have been highly visible in the Joomla development community for several years now and enjoy a strong and growing reputation. This review covers the  Shape5 Joomla Template Club.


Professional Joomla Templates, Phpbb3 Styles, WordPress Themes Club

Shape5 started offering templates in April 2007 and now have over a 100 Joomla templates and 70+ WordPress  themes, on offer for club members making it one of the most established Joomla Template clubs available. New releases are available every month and looking at their back catalog its clear they stick to a strict schedule.


The current range of templates is broken down into 20 distinct categories covering blogs, business, entertainment, sport, gaming and a whole host of niches. Overall variety is quite solid, as you would expect for a company in business over 6 years.


Whenever you look at a new template or theme provider, the first thing you notice is the design of their own website. Shape5 impresses with a slick and easy to use online store and demo interface. When it comes to their Joomla templates, you are presented with a strong array of styles designed to suit the various niches. Templates such as Helion offer a strong blend of bold colours for entertainment/gaming sites, while Traction and Ez Web Hosting, offer highly specific styling for automotive and hosting needs. Overall, Shape 5 offer a stylish range of templates, perhaps only lacking in the high end artistic flair of certain templates on ThemeForest.

Professional Joomla Templates, Phpbb3 Styles, WordPress Themes Club


Shape5 templates feature styling for all basic Joomla pages – contact, search, pricing, faq etc. They also include styling for Shape5’s  range of Joomla extensions. Among the advanced features generally on offer is responsive design, google font integration, parallex backgrounds, floating menus, lazy load etc. Templates come with the flexibility dozens of module positions, allowing for very sophisticated layouts along with built-in SEO optimization of the template and its code. Even js/css compression is offered without the need for a third party plugin.


Basic membership for 3 months and the use of templates on a single domain is $49.99, 12 month membership and the use of templates on 4 domains is $79.99. For those that want to use these templates for client sites you are looking at $299.99 for a developer account. A significant jump, but it allows unlimited use.


Shape5 offer a high quality Joomla Template Club which we strongly recommend. With around 100+ templates on offer, regular new releases and a range of pricing options, Shape5 has an option to suit most needs.

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