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WebSite X5 Evolution 13 Review

Incomedia, a developer of website creation software, has announced the launch of WebSite X5 version 13. This latest version includes parallax scrolling and animation effects as major features of the release.

From one-page sites to more complex online stores, WebSite X5 Professional 13 and Evolution 13 brings to the table endless possibilities to create engaging sites with minimum effort (no coding skills or graphic design knowledge is required).

“Over 3 billion people are searching online today. This is about 40% of the global population, but only about half of small businesses are online with a website according to recent studies ” – says Federico Ranfagni, CEO of Incomedia – “WebSite X5 is designed to allow anybody to create an online presence in just 5 easy steps saving time, effort and, well, money.”

Available in 32-bit and 64-bit version, this do-it-yourself software is up to 50% faster and more stable. The software’s responsive features and site management have been enhanced to meet the needs of increasing numbers of mobile users.

Now in WebSite X5 version 13 you can create a single layout and decide how to change to different resolutions with the new Responsive Bar. The result is a 100% mobilefriendly customised website.

Finally, the new Professional 13 WebSite X5 Manager is a free app to monitor the activity of sites created with WebSite X5 builder directly from iOS and Android devices.

Users will be able to process store orders, check inventory, respond to comments and receive real-time notifications from anywhere. Considering that mobile sales are growing 200% faster than the rest of online purchases, this app may be essential to get the most out a mobile-friendly site. Plus, a better management is a guarantee of reliability.

Website X5 PROFESSIONAL 13 available at € 199,00

Main Features WebSite X5 Professional 13

  • Create Responsive websites with up to 10 breakpoints
  • Online stores with credit card payments and coupon/discount management
  • Blogs, Guestbooks and RSS Feeds
  • FeedReady – App for iOS and Android
  • WebSite X5 Manager – App for iOS and Android
  • 500 multipurpose templates, 14 categories
  • Up to 10,000 pages
  • 700,000 royalty free images
  • Dynamic contents
  • Database Integration
  • Add Social Buttons
  • Create multilingual sites
  • Access management and Private Areas
  • Advanced analysis and SEO optimization
  • Built-in FTP Engine for online publication

Website X5 EVOLUTION 13 available at € 69,99

Main Features WebSite X5 Evolution 13

  • Create Responsive websites
  • Online stores with credit card payments
  • Blog, Guestbook and RSS Feed
  • 500 multipurpose templates
  • Up to 10,000 pages
  • 700,000 royalty free images
  • Add Social Buttons
  • Create multi-language sites
  • Visitor statistics
  • SEO-friendly code
  • Library of graphic items & plugin apps
  • Built-in FTP Engine for online publication

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