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TaxJar What Does It Do

You can’t avoid taxes and that is something Al Capone learned the hard way. Doing your taxes is also quite complicated. Why couldn’t the powers that be make it simpler? Fortunately, TaxJar has made a program that makes sales tax preparation easy. It’s a web application, so there’s no need to install any software.

With the TaxJar program, people who file their own tax returns for their business can shorten the time they spend on the task considerably. It’s so useful that even CPAs use it to run their business as well. Even freelance accountants who do sales tax returns for clients have discovered the wonders of TaxJar.

There are 4 versions available for customers. There are no activation fees and hidden fees outside the stated prices. You can pay monthly if you want, or annually to get a 10% discount. For annual packages, you can try it for 30 days to see if it’s worth the expense. If you’re not happy with it, then you get back your money.

The basic version costs $19.00 a month, and that’s for a thousand sales transactions and a thousand API calls a month. The sales tax reports are automated, sales tax filing is automatic too, and you can track sales tax payments.

Now a thousand sales transactions aren’t really what you’d call a healthy business for some websites, which is why the Plus version is much more popular even though it costs $49.00 a month. It can handle up to 5,000 sales transactions and an equal number of API calls. The Professional version can do up to 10,000 while the Premiere version has a no limit!

With TaxJar, everything’s automated. TaxJar begins processing your sales tax return, and you get an email showing how much you owe the state in taxes. You have several days to make sure you have the money and to review the figures. Then TaxJar withdraws the amount from your designated account, and afterwards you get an email confirming your filing.

It’s that easy. There’s no need for spreadsheets because the data you need refreshes automatically. You can also get a comparison of what you should have collected against what you actually collected. Some people actually spend hours just recording addresses in the state website, just for the simple purpose of getting the jurisdiction code for each sale. Now that’s not something you need to do at all, because TaxJar can do it for you.

All your data are kept in one place, even if they come from multiple sources or even multiple states. You can connect your online carts and marketplaces just once, and then afterwards the data is downloaded automatically.

And you will have a record of your payment and transaction history, so in case of an audit you’ve got the records you need. You can still use a CPA if you want (they’ll find TaxJar useful as well) and you can also file manually. With TaxJar, everything’s designed to make it easier and simpler for busy people like you.

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